California Interior Design Degrees

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With a vibrant entertainment industry, big personality, and beautiful weather, California is a great place to pursue California interior design degrees. The people in California are as varied as their style and the student looking to become an interior designer won’t lack for inspiration or job prospects. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, competition for interior designing jobs is fierce. This is why you need to go to a top quality school and get your degree.

There are many accredited schools in California were you can earn a range of California interior design degrees. You can obtain an Associate of Science in Interior Design at the International Academy of Design and Technology located in Sacramento. Another good degree to receive is a Bachelor of Interior Design at Westwood College in Los Angeles. Students can expect to take classes in residential design, commercial design, the history of interiors and architecture, design theory, color, textiles, computer-aided drafting, and lighting specifications, to name a few.

With your degree in hand you can work for either the commercial, governmental, or personal industries located in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, or other popular California cities. Design firms, architecture firms, carpet manufacturers, home stores, universities, and private citizens are just a few of the employers looking for people with the skills needed for creating a comfortable space. The entertainment industry centered in Hollywood is another place where you can put your degree to good use as a set designer.

You can earn your degree at a pace you set. Four years at a university will get you a well rounded degree. A technical college will give you hands on training in the specific skills needed to be successful as an interior designer and you can earn your degree in about two years. This means you’ll be able to get into the job industry that much quicker.

California interior design degrees can open the door to a high paying position doing something you love every day. Take your time and find that perfect school that will help you achieve your dreams.


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